Commitment Ceremonies

There are many reasons a couple may choose to have a Commitment Ceremony instead of a marriage:

The couple are of the same sex (in Australia, same sex marriages are not legal)
The couple do not wish to comply with the legal requirements of marriage(there is no legal paperwork with a commitment)
The couple have a pressing need to hold their ceremony as soon as possible(eg. family moving away) and have not allowed for the month and a day waiting period of a legal marriage
The couple object to the concept of marriage or the terminology of husband and wife.

The Commitment ceremony, although it is not legally recognised as a marriage, can still be very similar to an actual wedding service. The asking, vows and readings etc can be included, but there is no need for the Monitum to be recited or for other specific phrases which are legally required at a wedding.

Commitment ceremonies can be as moving and as significant as any wedding ceremony – they are a celebration of the couple’s love for each other, a public recognition of their commitment to share their lives together and a fulfilment of the couple’s desire to unite through the powerful process of ceremony.

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