One of the great advantages in choosing a civil celebrant to perform your marriage is that you can have the venue of your choice –beach, park, home, chapel - the list is endless. On the Mornington Peninsula we have it all –world class beaches, scenic parks, fantastic reception houses!! The choices are endless. If you are wanting a small no fuss ceremony consider The Marriage Office as a perfect venue –you no longer need to travel to the Registry Office in Melbourne but can take advantage of the beautiful restaurants on the Peninsula to celebrate your marriage. Or you can celebrate with a glass of champagne at the office.

Whatever venue you choose you can have a ceremony that expresses your individual feelings and ideas. I can provide you with examples of ceremonies to choose from or to rearrange, or I can help you design or write your own . Your wedding can be as formal or informal, as traditional or modern as you choose it to be. It may or may not contain religious elements – it is entirely up to you .Let’s create a vision together of your perfect day.

I have packages for any size or style of wedding –whether you are eloping, hosting a small and intimate occasion or surprising your friends at a party. I can perform your wedding at any time you choose – breakfast, twilight, evening and anything in between.
At our first interview (either in person or by phone) I will give or send you a book I have compiled containing numerous readings and ideas which guide you towards the ceremony that suits you. It assists you in writing your own vows if you would like to.

Your ceremony should be dignified yet simple, not so short that your guests wonder what happened, but not so long that they become restless. The entire ceremony ,from the entrance of the bride to the presentation of the Certificate of Marriage, should take about 20-25 minutes.

A proven successful format to follow might include:

  • The Introduction
  • The Monitum (what marriage means by law)
  • First Reading
  • Giving Away
  • The Asking
  • The Vows
  • Second Reading
  • The Marriage Declaration
  • Signing of the Certificates
  • Presentation of the Certificate and the newly married couple
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~As long as your ceremony contains The Monitum, the Vows and the Declaration, it will be legal according to the Marriage Act Of Australia .

You may include optional rituals and symbols such as:

  • The Rose Ceremony
  • Hand Fasting
  • The Unity Candle
  • Sharing a glass of Wine
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Legal Requirements

You must fill in a Notice of Intention To Marry at least one month and one day before the date you wish to marry. (Go to to download.) You may post, email. or give this form to me at the initial interview (I can provide it and fill it in for you if you prefer.). Once lodged a booking fee of $150 is required, which is non-refundable and non-transferable. The notice is valid for a period of eighteen months only, after which a new form must be lodged.
If you are not presenting the form to me personally to be witnessed, you must have your signatures witnessed in the presence of an Australian Diplomatic Officer, an Australian Consular Official, a Justice of the Peace, a barrister, a solicitor, a qualified Medical Practitioner or a member of the Australian State or Federal Police Force. If overseas a Notary Public or an Australian Consular Official will need to witness your signatures.

You will also need to provide:

  • A birth certificate for each person (extract or full copy). If you were born in Australia you MUST produce a birth certificate. If born outside Australia – a current passport.
  • If your previous husband or wife has died – a death certificate
  • If previously married – the decree absolute or certificate of divorce
  • If either party has changed their name by deed pole, the official “change of name” document must be produced
  • All certificates must be original. Photocopies or certified copies are not acceptable
  • All necessary documents must be produced before the marriage can take place.
  • Both persons intending to marry must be over the age of 18. If one party is between 16 and 18 years old you must obtain:
    Parent’s consent on the required form and a court order under section 12 of the Marriage Act.
  • The law requires that two witnesses aged 18 or over must be present at the marriage.

    At Lavender Hill you will receive:
  • A free gift of a beautiful Bride’s Diary on lodgement of forms
  • A comprehensive yet relaxed interview to sign legal documents and discuss your ceremony and unique needs
  • Lodgement of all legal documents
  • Creation of personalised ceremony
  • Wedding Certificate (laser writing)
  • Professional sound system (if needed)
  • Rehearsal if required
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Unlimited Phone/email consultations
  • All stationary costs
  • Free travel costs within a radius of 30 kms

    If you would like me to be your wedding celebrant, call, email or fax me to see if I am available on your date and to obtain prices and to have a free brochure sent out.

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